Furnishing, transports, constructions, agricolture, protective and medical clothing are the main fields of application of the so-called technical and innovative textile products.

Starting from those yarns whose chemical, physical, mechanical and textile properties are perfectly suitable to the needs of the individual applications, the machinery Monvania is equipped with plus the technical expertise of the staff in charge of it, guarantee the possibility to process such yarns:
  • both in terms of simple twisting, in order to improve their texture and to ease their workability even under great stress conditions,
  • in terms of re-twisting with more strands, with the possibility of combining technical yarns with natural yarns in order to add the comfort of the textile yarns to the properties of technical fibres,
  • and in terms of covering with elastomer to confer the technical yarns an additional mechanical feature.
This way Technovania means a vast range of processing possibilities that Monvania is able to perform on the individual and exclusive requirements from the technical textile producers.

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