Production units

The three plants of Monvania Srl are located in Cividate Camuno and in Edolo in Camonica Valley, both in the province of Brescia, and in Grandate (Como) where also the commercial offices are located.

The production units in the province of Brescia carry out the twisting.

The production department in the province of Como carries out the warping.

These production units, where are totally employed about a hundred people, are able to produce up to 3,000 tons of yarn per year, thanks to over 30,000 spindles installed and to the three sectional warping machines on a department surface of 15,000 mq.

The main work we carry out in our plants is the continuous thread twisting.

20,000 recently installed two-for-one twisters are available.

Moreover, Monvania avails itself of 10,000 perforated spindles to make covered and fancy yarns.

We twist 20 dtex to 600 dtex polyester, viscose, acetate and polyamide yarns with twists varying from 300 rpm to 3000 rpm.

Latest technology machineries guarantee the measurement and the precision stroke of cones by preparing the perfect yarn for the subsequent weaving and/or knitting operations.

The tooling of our twisters enables to get the grammage, the precision stroke and the highest possible grammage avoiding the so called “hard edges”.

The last steps of our work are the steam-setting, selection and packaging.

The thread is fixed by means of modern autoclaves.

The selection is carried out by visual control, cone by cone.

All the packaging lines have been recently fully automated in order to avoid the handling to compromise the hardness and the regularity of the reels intersection.

At bot hour plants our technical experts guarantee great refinement and constant care, a constant work to improve the technical features of products, both in terms of downstream processing performance, and in terms of accuracy and comfort.

The research of product quality represents one of the main company strategies.

We think this is the only effective way to fight the competition from the emerging countries, that implement the so-called “dumping” in our country offering lower quality products.

Monvania established a long time ago a close collaboration with its own suppliers chosen among the most modern and qualified companies, in order to guarantee a continuity of provisions, of batches and of quality.

Furthermore, Monvania adopted a quality control internal system.

In our laboratory all the incoming materials are tested before been put in production to see their performance in terms of counts, twists, oil percentage, shrinkage, resistance and stretch.

Every single cone coming out of production is manually tested before leaving the factory, in order to see if it satisfies our quality requirements.

Moreover we perform continuous random checks of samples on the machines during the single processes.

All our yarns are suitable for traditional kinds of finishing such as washing, heat setting, scouring, overdyeing, drying, and calendering.


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