Monvania is a company specialized in the artificial and synthetic continuous yarns finishing, for the textile market - which are fully made in Italy.

Relying on the production capacity of three production units, Monvania Srl is able to distribute over 3,000 ton/year of yarn and this is why it is among the European leaders of this sector.

Our products are designed and made for the application in women’s and men’s clothing sector (both weaving and knitting), and in furnishing and technical sectors.

Over its forty-five years of activity Monvania has always invested with the objective of diversifying and specializing the production, in order to be able to offer to the sophisticated European market very refined, unique and exclusive yarns.

Nowadays Monvania performs the following processes of the yarn sector:

  • twist yarns
  • twist-textured yarns
  • taslanized yarns
  • stretch yarns
  • doubled and wound yarns
  • ancy yarns with two, three or more strands

The fibres we process are: Viscose, Acetate, Polyester and Polyamide of various kinds, but also natural fibres such as silk, wool and cotton combined with the above-mentioned chemical fibres.

All our raw materials come from the most reliable spinning mills on the market.

Besides the diversification and creativeness, Monvania Srl has always focused its attention on the quality of its service, by guaranteeing:

  • an immediate order processing;
  • the manufacturing of small quantities;
  • a thread dyeing and warping service;
  • qualitative features implemented upon specific request;
  • techincal assistance.

Our sales network covers all the main Italian and European textile areas, with the local agents supported by our internal technicians.

However the best guarantee of our reliability is given by our success on the market, thanks to which a small industrial reality established in 1970 without any specific fanciful ambitions became one of the most important realities of its sector.

Its production capacity allows Monvania to create a big variety of products in terms of technical properties, external look and therefore, as a consequence, in terms of application.

Furthermore, with the aim of serving its customers better and better, our company has organized itself in order to supply also thread-dyed and, upon request, beam-dyed products.

For this reason we have separated four different collections according to the specific target market.

Monvania Srl

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